A Spiritual Detour

  A Spiritual Detour

“The really happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery when on a detour.”

 ~ Unknown Author


Throughout the week, my spiritual path has led me to some pretty big barriers.

I could feel stress take over my body like an invasive parasite.

Each unfinished project felt like a heavy stack of bodily bricks.

I had swollen glands, a tense jaw, knotted shoulders and a stiffening neck.

It wasn’t until I was talking to my Canadian friend, Victory, that things finally started becoming clear.

“How are you able to juggle all of your projects without having a coronary,” I teased.

“I use to hang on to all my ideas until everything was perfect,” Victory admitted, “But, what I came to realize is that nothing ever is.

Things would pile up, and I’d get more and more stressed. Then, one day I was talking to my personal coach who said, ‘Don’t get it right. Just get it going.’

I’ve lived by these words every since.”

“I can use that,” I smiled.

“I’m glad,” Victory said. “Whenever you get inspired, move along on your project as far as you can go and then release it and see where it goes.”

I began to practice this concept the next day.

My business was transferring my website over to a new web host provider, and things weren’t going very smooth…

Domains were pointing to the wrong pages, databases were down, and people were calling to tell me emails were bouncing left and right.

I could feel the stress beginning to bubble. But, then I remembered to simply allow it to be.

Obstacles appear on our spiritual path for a reason.

They’re here to serve us in a positive way.

Once I began to see this perceived “negative” energy differently, I was able to treat it like a friend.

Had I done everything I could possibly do in this very moment?

Yes, indeed.

I had contacted both my old and new web host providers alerting them to the issue, and I had thanked everyone who called and politely explained the situation.

Yet wait.

There was still one more thing…

It was important I find joy in the moment.

I playfully stepped outside into the warm radiant sun to inhale deeply and look within.  A spiritual detour then appeared.

A new way of thinking emerged.

Though not yet perfect, simply getting a revised website online has caused my business so much traffic momentum that people are now alerting me when my website is down.

This is a very good thing!

A detour is “a round about or circuitous way or course, especially one used temporarily when the main route is closed.” (Webster’s)


And so the lesson goes, when something doesn’t go exactly as it should, take a spiritual detour in your mind, allow things to be as they are, and see the positive purpose in every direction.  Because even obstacles are there to serve you well.

Here’s to joy on your journey and peace on your mind!

ETE = Enjoy the ExperienceTM

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  1. soulfeltmsb

    A soul-felt thank you, Katherine. It’s been a genuine pleasure witnessing your beautiful transformation. ETE 🙂 Michelle

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