Circles of Life

     Circles of Life 


It’s so great to be aligned!


Once Upon a Time, I joined several others in my community to watch a short documentary; most everyone was meeting for the first time. 
And though most of us started out as strangers, by the time the presentation ended, we had all become closer friends. In fact, something extraordinary had happened…

When the facilitator flipped on the lights to begin follow up discussions she asked us to form a circle with our chairs. 
Rather than scoot in closer, a woman seated on the very end, positioned herself further away from the group. And, though separation may not have been intentional, it certainly shifted the dynamics of the room.

Group energy seemed to be stuck, and I wasn’t the only one to notice, so before I go on, please allow me to explain one important thing…

We all house a spiritual energy that extends far beyond our physical bodies. In fact, this energy can be so powerful that it’s ‘felt’ by others even from a distance. — This explains why some individuals can ‘rub’ us the wrong way and drain us down and why others can light up a room with a glowing smile and a magnetic personality.
For you see, the circle is a universal symbol that represents wholeness, unity and connectedness. — It’s an infinite reminder of the unity of creation which has no beginning, no separations and no end.

A circle is “a number of persons bound by a common tie.” (Webster’s) — This means when positive people connect, something magically spectacular happens. Spirits become completely intertwined. 
(And now on with the story…)

An older gentleman in the room politely turned to the woman whose chair was separated from the group and said, “Excuse me, but something’s been bothering me. Would you please move your chair closer so we can fully form a circle?”

I began to smile as the woman kindly obliged.

Suddenly, a surge of positive energy filled the room. 
She, like us, had finally felt complete.

Take a moment now to spiritually feel around. Ask your Self, “Who’s in my circle?” “How are these souls impacting my internal being?” “What can I do to help others feel more connected and complete?”

ETE = Enjoy the ExperienceTM

P.S.  I thank you for pulling up your chair 😉

P.P.S. ~ ETE means Enjoy the Experience™

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