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Dare I Say Christmas? … a Balancing Blog

Namaste Soul-Felt Family,

In this video blog “vlog” I take you inside my winter home and show you just a glimpse of some of the things my family and I do to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Be sure to take three minutes and check it out, because I share a great tip that really helped me when my energies were off.

HEAD’S UP: I say “Merry Christmas” at the end of this video, so consider yourself lovingly advised, and if you’re curious to know more keep on reading . . .

Michelle’s Muses:

Most recently I sent an email announcing an extension of replays from a recent series I hosted. Within minutes of that email blast I got razzed because I didn’t write “Merry Christmas” or address December 25th. I kindly replied that I hadn’t skipped it. I was simply waiting to say it in this vlog.

This then got me to thinking about how for many years I was fearful of saying “Merry Christmas” publicly because I thought I might offend some people or that some might assume I only honor Jesus in a religious kind of way. In other words, my fear of caring what others would think of me always took precedence over being true to my Self.

Go ahead laugh. I know this is funny coming from someone who is not afraid to talk about God-Source in almost every single story she writes. (oops. I’m referring to myself in third person now.)

I’m musing today because I really love me and know it is totally okay to live my truth even if that means losing some people along the way. I am okay that not everyone gets me or likes me and looking back I know I couldn’t have voiced my Self in this way until now since using the phrase “Merry Christmas” wasn’t always easy given the origin of the word “Christmas” is from ‘the mass or festival of Christ” and this often gets associated with a church and religion.

Yes, I adore God-Source/ Infinite intelligence / Creator / The Divine All that Ever Is and Ever Was. I also love putting up a tree and attending festivals of lights and parades, and sharing in holiday gatherings. However, I am not affiliated with a religion.

As for voicing the word “Christmas” I honestly respect the work of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ along with Confucius, Quan Yin, Archangel Michael, Shiva, Mother Mary, Gautama Buddha, Saint Teresa and many more spiritually enlightened beings who are spreading their great love and light throughout the world.

So heads up to you now and forever. During the month of December you might hear me say “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Kwanzaa”, and a “Happy Hannukkah” and “Blessed New Year” and I’ll make no apology for it, because these words have special meaning and high vibrations, filled with many blessings and joy.

Enjoy this VLOG from my home to yours, and as always your kind comments are forever welcomed here.

ETE  = Enjoy the Experience


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