Higher Realm Communication

Higher Realm Communication


 “Intuition is seeing with the soul.”  – Dean Koontz


A soul-felt video . . .
Here I answer questions from Facebook Fans/Soul-Felt Family Members about communicating with spirit guides, departed loved ones, and Higher Self.

ETE  = Enjoy the Experience


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  1. Ophélie

    Thanks for these great tips, I liked the part about how to recognize what is that voice talking inside us. And I’ve discovered that when my mind is busy , that is when I am getting the most clearer voice. Like you say, being in nature helps, the energy of nature is amazing. Whenever I have doubts about my guidance, I go on a walk and after a while I see that I am getting out of my head. And intuitions flows.
    But I feel that trying to get advices from guides can be confusing, who is it I am really talking to? And in the end I wonder is it really necessary to get information from other sources then us. Why is it thatguides know better then we do, what is good for us?!?
    Great vlog:-)

    • soulfeltmsb

      Namaste Ophélie, A soul-felt thank you for your message. I’ll be sure to address your great question in an upcoming vlog. Many blessings. ~ Michelle 🙂

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