Law Of Attraction -Master Level


Namaste ~

I trust you’re doing well and will find these advanced Law of Attraction techniques very helpful.
(please forgive the messy hair – lol)

ETE = Enjoy the Experience


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  1. Rym

    What an a amazing video. Really an inspiration for me especially the part about going back to step one as that’s when I tend to second guess my intuition instead of letting things unfold. Namaste!

    • soulfeltmsb

      So glad it assisted you Rym. Celebrate step one as it means you’re moving to a new level 😉
      Bigs hugs and lots of love xoxo Namaste ~Michelle

  2. Tina

    Michelle, you are always such a delight! I SO love your optimism, sage advice, humility and love for life itself. Thank you for your video. YOU are a Blessing and Earth Angel. I could not agree with you more relative to your message about God being the Source of all we ALL times. I truly believe and trust in Divine Guidance as well as Divine Timing. Please keep sending your inspirational, heart-felt messages. I truly appreciate them and YOU.

    In Love and Light,


    • soulfeltmsb

      A soul-felt thank you Tina for your sweet words. Big hugs and lots of love xoxo Namaste ~ Michelle

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