Dealing With Unkind Spirits

Dealing With Unkind Spirits & “eviL” Energies


 “And so it is, that both the devil and the angelic spirit present us with objects of desire to awaken our power of choice.”  – Rumi


A soul-felt video . . .
Here I answer more questions from Facebook Fans/Soul-Felt Family Members. This time the topic is how to deal with unkind spirits and “evil” energies.

(You’ll notice the one word in quotations spells “live” in reverse, because once you switch your thinking around you can release your fears, and that is what my mission is all about!)

ETE  = Enjoy the Experience


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  1. Robert Felton
    Robert Felton09-07-2015

    I find that the word love is used in too many different situations. It has become a word for control. The love between God and me is a different kind of love. We see between people that people often use love for control. They say well if you love me you will give me the money or the house or the car etc, etc, so love has many different kinds of definitions and it’s important people be instructed that its use is the way you intend it to be used. I don`t have fear. I have God for protection and have no fear. I have been given the ability to protect myself and do not allow bad spirits around me. We ask for our arc angels to protect and help us and have many ways to receive help from above. We just need to make sure what we ask for and to whom we ask. I think if we ask wrong we can invite in bad spirits. so that may be a great lesson for you to teach . thanks for your help. Bob

    • soulfeltmsb

      Namaste Bob, thank you for pointing out that there are often many definitions of a word, and in the case of ‘LOVE’ it is both a noun and a verb. Any energy, including words can be manipulated which is a control and influence in and of itself. “How” we choose to use our God-given abilities is part of the human experience and yes, it many times can come down to intention. That being said, it is my truth that those who don’t know what they do not know are still safe. Their angels and guides are always watching over them. It is only those who deliberately choose to dabble in the denser unkind energies that are using LOVE as a tool for manipulation. Yet as they say, what goes around comes around, so it then most likely backfires for them in either this lifetime or the next. For me, LOVE is all there is and all there ever was. God is love. Love is God. I am Love, and therefore I am God and you are God and even those who use love for control are love — they just don’t fully know it YET. ~ Michelle

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