The Healing Inner Dance

 The Healing Inner Dance


 “The wish for healing has always been half of health.”  – Seneca


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Up to this point, I had never met anyone quite like Lindy. I knew there was something genuinely different about her the first day we met, though I had underestimated just how much value she’d bring in helping me heal.

“You must experience my work in order to fully understand it,” Lindy said. She encouraged me to schedule three sessions at the start.

During session one, Lindy had me tune in to my body. “What colors do you see? What emotions do you feel?” As I answered her questions, she located three points of polarity and then focused all of her attention on these spots: my left shoulder, my 2nd chakra, and my right knee/right foot.

“You are holding on to some emotions with much resistance,” Lindy said. “It’s time to cleanse and release so you may fully ground your self with the earth.”

Though I didn’t fully understand what she meant at the time, for the next seven days I was like a leaky faucet… I cried, and I cried, and I cried.

“How have you been?” Lindy asked in session two.

“Very emotional,” I said. “I keep crying about things from my past, which is very upsetting, because I thought I had come to terms with them. – I had thought I finally had closure.”

Lindy gently closed her eyes. “I once knew a woman, “she said, “who was married to her husband for many years; they were the best of friends. Then one day during a routine surgery, a mistake was made, and he died instantly, leaving this woman all alone. People kept asking her how she was getting through it, then one day the woman finally said, “This is not about me getting through it, and it’s not about me getting over it or looking past it. It’s about me learning to live with it . . . to embrace it . . . to dance in harmony by its side.”

I left Lindy’s office filled with wonderment.

By session three, when Lindy asked me how I’d been . . .

“I’m feeling much better,” I replied, “though I continue to wonder how I can live with a past experience without holding on to it.”

“When it comes to difficult life experiences,” Lindy said, “it’s not about taking your painful emotions and hurtful memories and wrapping them up neatly with a bow and then placing them on a high shelf so you never see them again.”

“Then what it is?” I asked.

Lindy gently but abruptly slid her hands to my hip and down my right knee. “It’s greeting the past with gratitude and then just like a dance, knowing when to embrace it and when to let go.”

My stomach began to gurgle as her healing hands pushed downward to my foot.

Suddenly, my body felt as if she had pulled a stopper by a string and all stagnant energies rushed down the drain.

Fluidity became my music and emotions became my partner, as I learned how to dance on that day

ETE = Enjoy the ExperienceTM

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  1. Maria Mar
    Maria Mar04-29-2014

    I love it! Is this something that happened to your a story about a character that went see a healer? Not that it makes much difference, but Curiosity is my Inner Cat’s name. LOL.

    Thanks for this deep insight. I’m taking it with me for a loooong while.

    Light and love,
    Maria Mar

  2. soulfeltmsb

    Namaste Maria, This is a true story. All of my stories are. I’m happy to know it helped shift your energies in a transformational way. ETE ~ Michelle 🙂

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