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Namaste ~ The spirit in me honors the spirit in you. The light in me recognizes the light in you.

You may wonder who I am, what my niche is, or what I do best. I’m going to sum it up in just a few words. Feel free to get my full bio by clicking here

Since a very young age I’ve been communicating with God, the name I give Infinite Intelligence, and also angels, guardians, departed loved ones, and guides. I’ve captured many of these conversations in short story form. Click here for Volume 1 of Words for the Soul: Heaven-Sent Life Lessons & Conversations with God, my best-selling book. Then be sure to look on this page in the upper right to sign up for the Discover Who You Are, Live A Happier Life mini-video course as my way of saying Thank You.

Today my soul purpose is to help others like you learn how to fully connecting to your Higher Self so you may live more in balance and on purpose.

Enjoy the Experience™ come what may.


P.S. ~ ETE means Enjoy the Experience™

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