Meet Michelle Skaletski-Boyd

” How does one ‘find oneself?’ “

This was a question I asked myself after choosing to leave the corporate world to venture out on my own back in the year 2006. And though I would love to tell you that as soon as I made the leap the net appeared, the truth is every insecurity, doubt, and fear I had all came rushing in.

Who was I to think I could make it on my own as a business entrepreneur? How would the money appear? And, who would even care what I had to say? These were just some of the questions I threw out to the Universe, asking each question out loud and then going on a quest to find the answers which then turned into some powerful self discoveries.

I began to capture my “spiritual awakening” in a blog that became so popular that each short lesson was formatted into a book which then led to thousands of clients wanting to work with me from around the world.

Fast forward to today and I am a 3 times best-selling author, an entrepreneur, and an inspirational speaker who loves to help others “help themselves.”


After working three jobs and interning on the side, I successfully put myself through a four year private college and then spent 13 years climbing the corporate ladder prior to becoming an entrepreneur.

I then spent over 10 years with the National Speaker’s Association gracing the stages of many corporate, non-profit and government agencies where I taught soft-skills training and emotional intelligence to various organizations and business professionals throughout the world.

Today, as a credentialed member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association® since 2009, I love assisting clients with proven techniques of transpersonal hypnosis to help uncover and shift unhealthy thought patterns and beliefs in order to replace them with more helpful behaviors and stronger neuron-pathways in the brain.

So whether I am teaching on a virtual platform or doing sessions one-on-one, I will continue to use my intuition by introducing short stories, analogies and parables to my audience because I know how powerful each can be in captivating the imagination and speaking directly to the subconscious mind. –> The end result is a better world where we can all live more in balance and on purpose.


As a three-times best selling author and first time novelist you are invited to enjoy my books HERE



“Graduating cum laude was a very special time for me.”

I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin and am a Packer fan.  (Can you say cheese?)

My two younger siblings and I could often be found building secret hay bale forts with cousins, singing in a community choir, or working at a family restaurant, -and- in my case… always escaping with a nose in a book.

My parents were just 17 and 18 when I was born and always told me that I must either build up my muscles to work in a factory, or build up my brain then go to college if I wished to land a nice job to make ends meet.

Following my truth, I trained my intellect hard receiving several scholarships and grants while working three part-time jobs so I could successfully put myself through school.

After graduating with honors with a Media Communications degree from St. Norbert College-an accredited national liberal-arts school – I ventured into the corporate world trading in my hiking boots for high heels. Mazing my way through a career path, I worked for both traditional and online advertising agencies as well as a Fortune 500 company. My last few years in the corporate world entailed working for one of the nation’s largest privately-held telecommunications companies where I led and managed a regional team of key accounts.

In 2006, after becoming certified as an Accelerated Learning Adjunct Professor in the Midwest, I followed my higher calling and moved to the mountains to teach part-time at the college level. It was then I formed my consulting and educational company.

Through the years I have been formally trained and/or certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Guided Imagery, Somatic Movement, and Accelerated Learning.

Today I live in the Rocky Mountains of Montana with my husband, Steven and our beautiful daughter. As a family we enjoy down hill skiing, motorcycling, and hiking with our two German Shepherd fur babies.

As a best-selling author of the Soul-Felt Words Sequels™ Words for the Soul: Heaven-Sent Life Lessons & Conversations with God  and first time novel Silas’ Motorcycle Miracle, I enjoy writing in my free time.